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... as Individual as you.


With 17 years experience in the medical field, I have always been fascinated at the way our health is reflected through the skin. I specialize in emphasizing and renewing this reflection.

After graduating from nursing school, I traveled the United States as a Traveling Nurse for six years, where I had the opportunity to engage in all cultures and take in many different styles and techniques. Following my passion I also became a licensed esthetician to set a solid foundation for my career as a Cosmetic Nurse. Cosmetic enhancements & teaching others have quickly became a solid favorite in my practice.

I believe that learning to care correctly for the skin, magnifies our inner beauty and health, allowing it to reflect outwards. I use professional grade products that produce optimal results for acne, fine lines, scars, and pigment blemishes.

I enjoy helping customize a home skin regimen to assure you continue to see your best results!

          -Hailey Hempleman, Aesthetics Nursse.


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