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But it's cheaper on Amazon?

A harsh face-slap back to our reality! Know what you're truly buying when purchasing "top quality" beauty products and materials on Amazon. Makeup, implements, skin care products, vitamins, ect.

From Research & the Federal Bureau.

Dad always said, "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is."

If you are in search of cheaper products, the odds of you finding them on Amazon are very high! And cheaper, is the word in full focus. THE FBI even WARNS US! read on!

Amazon seems to have an endless stock when it comes to supplies and even grants access to those top brands we are required to have a specific license to purchase or sale! Why wouldn't this be appealing!? Because Amazon isn't telling you everything.

It always feels good to score a great deal on normally pricey name-brand cosmetics or skin-care products, but if the price seems too good to be true, be cautious. Amazon has a documented problem with counterfeiters, and beauty products are among the most notorious categories for fakes. Even more concerning, fake cosmetics can contain hazardous ingredients (hello, arsenic) and may lead to rashes or infections, according to the FBI.

According to Forbes; Amazon is an open marketplace

"The Amazon marketplace is designed to encourage as many sellers as possible to offer products to Amazon’s customers. As some shady sellers are not likely to abide by a brand’s pricing policies, the products are often sold below MAP, Product will mysteriously show up on Amazon, usually to be sold by unknown sellers at ridiculous lower prices,”

More often than not, these products are not worth their original price. Products are diluted, expired, tampered, or key ingredients have been denatured during shipping or production. (improper storage for temperature or light exposure has damaged the product and its no longer effective .)

The convenience of Amazon is alluring, and the cherry on top is saving money. Beware.

Buying your products from a store or retailer is your smartest move! A reputable business assures quality and integrity of merchandise.

Shop smart, my friends!

Knowledge is power.

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