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Is Sweat good for your skin?

We know there is a benefit to sweat. But what are the benefits for OUR skin, and how good is good.

After HOT HIVE YOGA last night, I needed more information. Here's the sweaty scoop...

Dermatologist say sweating WILDLY benefits the skin.

Sweat may stink. but its the smell of cleansing.


"We tend to think about the benefits of exercise in terms of fitness, and we even recognize its ability to lift our mood and help with sleep, but we don't actually think of its profound role in keeping skin looking young and firm." says dermatologist,

Whitney Bowe, MD.


FACT: Physical activity boosts the metabolism of cellular mitochondria and PREVENTS thinning of the skin that comes with age. Purifies, protects, and rejuvenates the complexion. Even an excellent long term treatment for acne.

There are so many conflicting statements floating around the internet.

Truth be told. . >SWEATING HELPS YOUR SKIN A TON!< Sweating opens up pores and pushes out built up gunk that tries to make your skin its home. This is a deep cleanse. While you may experience break outs in the beginning, this is simply your body washing-out the bacteria and toxins harboring just beneath the skin. Long term- you will gain a clear complexion. I found that there are always guidelines and healthy ways to go about everything... THERE'S A BUT.

(there's always a but.)

Letting sweat sit on your face and skin can be problematic. All the grime you pushed out can be absorbed back in.

Simple solution: Use a sweat towel to dab off sweat during exercising. Rubbing will massage the gunk back in.

Wash off when you are done! nothing fancy. just. wash. it. off.

Another excellent and somewhat challenging task for some, don't wear makeup to work out.

What!? Yea, I said it.

Only because it's a cold-hard-fact my friends.

Makeup can already clog up pores, sweating while wearing it will intensify that.

I love gaining more knowledge. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

I will definitely be going to Hot Yoga again!.

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