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The Taboo of Cosmetic Injections.

It seems to be forbidden, almost shunned at times. But why? Is it close-mindedness, or is there truly a reason that Cosmetic Injections seem to be have a bad wrap!?

After bee-bopping around the United States for six years as a Traveling Nurse, my personal opinion is that the outlook on Cosmetic Injections definitely varies place to place!

But I will tell you a secret...

even where it has a bad wrap, it is still being done! and it is on others minds!

Some ladies and gentleman go as far as traveling into the next state to keep their secret!

Please Stop.

Deciding to get any Cosmetic treatment is a very personal decision!

YES, you are beautiful just how you are, and you will always be a solid 10 in the eyes of your loved ones.

I view these procedures as a way to enhance your natural beauty. NOT to change it.

And when it comes to aging, today, you can reduce the signs and symptoms of aging by restoring the hyaluronic acid you're losing. That's exactly why the majority of dermal fillers available today feature hyaluronic acid.

I will say it again. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in your body, and as we age it decreases.


A few benefits of Cosmetic Injections include;

Long lasting results, Subtle enhancement, Self-Confidence Builder, Plumpness, No recovery time from surgery.


Cosmetic Injections can be simply life changing. And living in a slightly conservative area,

well, change alone is something people tend to be leery of.

-The world of medical aesthetics is slowly making its way here!

-The science behind it is fascinating and forever growing.

Of course there are risks to everything. You should always ask too many questions and be completely comfortable with the injector you choose.

Taboo is only curiosity paired with small talk.

Interested enough to know what it is, to leery to do some research!

That's my guess!?

No Sweat, friends.

Knowledge is power.

Know the deference between a fact and an opinion.

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